JaCoCo - Java Code Coverage Library

JaCoCo is a free Java code coverage library distributed under the Eclipse Public License. Check http://www.eclemma.org/jacoco for updates and feedback.

This is the distribution of version created on 2016/01/13 based on commit c62fa3f6b698df984844e69591c277a7eb454918.


The JaCoCo distribution contains the following libraries in the ./lib folder:

File OSGi Bundle Description Dependencies
jacocoagent.jar no Java agent for execution data recording - (all dependencies included)
jacocoant.jar no JaCoCo Ant tasks Ant (all other dependencies included)
org.jacoco.agent_0.7.6.201601131008.jar yes JaCoCo agent -
org.jacoco.core_0.7.6.201601131008.jar yes JaCoCo core ASM
org.jacoco.report_0.7.6.201601131008.jar yes JaCoCo reporting org.jacoco.core, ASM
org.jacoco.ant_0.7.6.201601131008.jar yes JaCoCo Ant tasks org.jacoco.core, org.jacoco.agent, org.jacoco.report, ASM, Ant

All libraries as well as the the JaCoCo Maven plug-in are also available from the Maven repository.